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The most highly evolved form of neurofeedback available today

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Is your brain functioning efficiently?

Your brain is capable of optimal functioning, but for most of us our central nervous system gets knocked off by the challenges of daily life.

Manifestations of a less than optimally functioning central nervous system many times exhibit as:

  • Lack of performance on tasks
  • random or scattered thoughts
  • feeling overwhelmed
  • overactive
  • nervous
  • tired
  • irritable



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We began offering Neuroptimal® neurofeedback sessions after personal success with neurofeedback. We noticed significant improvements in feelings of overwhelm and being disorganized. We experienced no more brain-fog and better memory. Family members who trained their brain were less anxious and concerned about things.

We realized that this could be a powerful tool for our clients as well. Brain training helps you become more flexible and resilient which makes coping with what you are dealing with easier.

What is neurofeedback

and who uses it?

We use the non-invasive NeurOptimal® neurofeedback system for sessions and rentals.

NeurOptimal® neurofeedback works by training the brain to use the present moment to decide what to do next, rather than old, often maladaptive patterns. It does this by triggering what’s called the orienting response, which is the brain’s ability to sense change in the environment and take in new information about what is different.

More specifically, during a neurofeedback session, EEG sensors are placed on the head and ears to collect the information about the brain’s activity, which gets fed into the technician’s computer. You sit and listen to music (children can watch a movie). When your brain is about to do something new, i.e. change states, it does a certain kind of “electrical dance”, which the software identifies. When that “dance” is detected the computer program stops the music in milliseconds. What the stopping of the music does, is trigger the orienting response and the brain “comes into the present” and sees what it was about to do and also takes in information about the external environment. And all of this it does in milliseconds and outside of your conscious awareness.

A good analogy is like when you are daydreaming and in a daydream you (your brain) are not aware of what is happening, not until someone calls your name (the music stopping in neurofeedback) and you simultaneously realize that you were lost in a daydream, and recognize the quality of that daydream, as well as take in information about the here-and-now.

Anyone can benefit from this training and it is very safe. Unlike other neurofeedback systems that train specific sites on your brain based on your symptoms, NeurOptimal® Neurofeedback trains your entire central nervous system to perform optimally. Neurofeedback gives your system feedback about its maladaptive patterns and your brain decides how to use that information to improve its overall functioning. It adds nothing to your brain, therefore, it is very safe.

When the brain is trained with NeurOptimal neurofeedback, clients may notice the following:

  • Feeling calmer
  • Increased mental acuity and focus
  • Dropping away of fears
  • More appropriate response to situations
  • Feeling lighter and greater ease
  • Increased motivation and ability to accomplish tasks
  • Promotes relaxation, may help living with anxiety
  • Improvement in self esteem, feeling more confident

  • Dropping away of performance anxiety
  • Improved sleep and mood
  • Better able to self-regulate and manage impulses
  • Feeling less obsessive and compulsive
  • Improved memory
  • Feeling less distracted
  • More energy than before training
  • Overall content and happier mood, feeling more internally balanced


Options and cost

In office sessions

We provide Neurofeedback sessions in person at our office in Mission Valley,

San Diego. The cost for an in-person session with a Neuroptimal® trainer is $100. Neurofeedback in office package plans are also available.

Home neurofeedback by renting a neuroptimal® system

Rent a system from us and save money. Get everything you need to run your Neurofeedback session at home. You'll get support you need including weekly check-ins. We offer three different plans to fit your needs.


$650 per month

  • includes 12 sessions.
  • 3 coaching sessions with a trainer.

This is $59 per session


$850 per month

  • includes 22 sessions.
  • 3 coaching sessions with a trainer.

This is $39 per session


$950 per month

  • Unlimited sessions.
  • 3 coaching sessions with a trainer.

Ideal for 2+ people training

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